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Emotions are energy. Energy wants to move. When stuck, emotions

cause stress, it's the energy asking you to help it move.

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Courses, Coaching, Online Sessions 

& Soul Tribe Members


Share a letter with The Universe.
The Universe always listens and
watch how it responds. 

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The Blissful Hippy Amber Rimmer Hippy Ha

Discover what is holding you back.

Let go of limiting beliefs and self sabotage.

Transform your mindset and connect to your inner power.

Embody divine empowerment and become the best you.


The Blissful Hippy Amber Rimmer Hippy Ha


Blissful Energy is here to create a safe space for your consciousness to completely surrender into your most natural state of being. Through meditation, hypnosis, holistic empowerment and healing techniques, we focus on deeply cleansing, restoring and grounding your energy within your body.


We use powerful tools and heart-mind alignment to reawaken the roots of your inner truth, while elevating your awareness to access the ancient wisdom of your intuition.


Rest easy, peace is your birthright. 

Find out more about how Amber - The Blissful Hippy can help you on your sacred, personal journey.

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"Amber is a breath of fresh air! Her passion and guidance in the space of wellbeing and self care is pivotal to the success I have had reaching goals emotionally, mentally and physically. Thank you Amber for being your amazing self xx"


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If You're:

  • Struggling with self acceptance & feeling overwhelmed

  • A creature of bad habits & limiting beliefs

  • Feeling numb, flat & disconnected from yourself

  • Finding it hard to create time for self & care practices

  • Wishing you felt more calm, happy, motivated or balanced

  • Ready to get out of your head & into the moment

You're in the right place!

By the end of our

sessions, you'll have:

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  • Relief from self-sabotage & avoidance patterns​

  • Increased emotional resilience & energetic wholeness​

  • Success strategies & a clear path to transformation

  • A focus on joy, acceptance & self awareness

  • Powerful connection & control of your heart & mind

  • A strong toolkit of 5-10 minute mindset practices​

Blissful Energy


The Blissful Hippy Amber Rimmer Hippy Ha

Programs & Sessions

Holistic Harmony Coaching.
One to one.

Me to you.
Spirit to spirit.

Connections & Community

Find your Bliss Tribe and join an inner circle for group coaching, meditation and mindset realignment.

Discovery Call

or Zoom

Let's get to know each other with a FREE 20 minute Discovery Call 

The Blissful Hippy Amber Rimmer Hippy Ha