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About The Blissful Hippy

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Magnificence comes from within.

My life's purpose is to help people ignite inner empowerment through a holistic, powerful journey of mindset, heart and soul alignment.

We delve deep for inner connection into luscious, extraordinary transformation. 



I am Amber, and I am so grateful you found your way here.


I am here to hear you, be your guide, support you on your journey and be your spiritual running buddy.

Having trained with Reiki masters in Thailand, and educated with Gurus in India, I believe the key to understanding ourselves, let go of the blocks, be brave, take action and ignite our soul with heart and spirit.


Now as a Spiritual Transformation Coach my purpose to help individuals, in any small way, is crystal clear. 


Having spent the past 15 years of self-discovery, education and connection, I am certain and passionate about the fact that my path on this this earth is simply to help and serve others.


I am a certified Meditation Teacher, Master Practitioner in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Master Practitioner in Hypnosis and Time Line Therapy, a Results Coach and with Holistic Counselling Skills for Meditation Teachers in the mix.

No two souls are the same, different souls embrace different transformations and your journey is yours.

Bliss is your birthright, the time to transform is now!

So how can I be there for you? Shall we dance?


Spiritual Transformation 

Holistic Results Coaching



NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming)

Time Line Processes

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) 


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I am here for you.


I will journey with you.

To tame the monkey mind.

Navigate through the overwhelm.


Rediscover your unique, empowered mind.

Find your bliss.

Ignite your soul.


So you can B.E. the change you so desire.

We all can be magnificent.

Thank you for taking the time to visit.

I look forward with gratitude to connecting with you.

With love and light,

Make the Moments Magic

Amber - The Blissful Hippy xx