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Amber Rimmer - The Blissful Hippy - Blissful Energy

Hi, I'm Amber

Meditation Teacher, Results Coach, Master NLP Practitioner & Hypnotherapist

I believe the key to understanding ourselves, is to let go of the blocks, be brave, take action and ignite our soul with heart and spirit.

Having spent the past 15 years of self-discovery, education and soul searching, I am incredibly passionate about knowing my path on this earth is to help and serve others.

I am here for you, every step of the way.

Are you ready to Ignite Your Magic?

The Blissful Hippy Amber Rimmer Hippy Happiness Hour Meditation Coaching Mind Empowerment

Our Offerings

  • Monthly Topics

  • Guided Meditation

  • Mindfulness Tips

  • Mindset Tools

  • Mantra Guidance

  • A Sprinkle of Magic!

Tune into your  inner peace

Mind Bliss Meditations

Group Meditation with a safe and supportive inner circle of like-minded spirit soulsTwice a Month (approx 1 hour on zoom)

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  • Hippy Happiness Hour

  • Full Moon and New Moon Magic

  • Sacred Sound Bath

  • Soulful Sunrise Ceremonies 

  • B.E Blissful Retreat

Special Events  Include :

Soul Bliss Events


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Energy is truly everything.


Surround yourself with others also focused on the journey of transformation, self-healing and heart focused energy activation. 

Bathe in the bliss of connection, accountability and soul friendships, as you authentically activate your own magic!

A supported space for change

Group Coaching

Soulful Synergy
Next Workshop Date To Be Announced

What's On

Find out how you can treat yourself to some bliss. 

Amber Rimmer - The Blissful Hippy - Blissful Energy - Sound Meditation

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The Blissful Hippy Amber Rimmer Hippy Happiness Hour Meditation Coaching Mind Empowerment
The Blissful Hippy Amber Rimmer Hippy Ha

What People are Saying

"Amber has a very calm presence about her, the way she sets up each session really allows you to trust and relax. I was able to fully surrender and get out of my mind to feel into my body. Amber is amazing, very descriptive in how she brings in the visualization during meditation. I highly recommend Amber's meditations, you will find yourself feeling a lot calmer and balanced with more energy after her sessions, while finding inner peace."

- Mark, Sydney

"Amber is very gifted at running meditations. It's something new for me and I've really enjoyed the sessions I've attended online with her. I've always felt so much calmer afterwards and have at times totally zoned out until we were brought back into the room. Amber's love for what she's doing really resonates even through Zoom. Thank you Amber for introducing me to meditation. " 

- Caroline, Melbourne

"Amber's approach has been fundamental to my transformation. Amber has focused not only on my goals and outcome's but on my energy being whole and centred. I thoroughly enjoyed her passion and commitment to me being my best version and achieving my results. I highly recommend anyone that want's to find alignment in their lives to get in touch as Amber will transform you. Thank you, Amber. "

- Peter, Melbourne

The Blissful Hippy Amber Rimmer Hippy Ha
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The magic awaits

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