Blissful Energy Amber The Blissful Hippy

Welcome To The Ultimate Spiritual Journey 

Transformation Begins Within

It is time to let go of self-doubt, release the stress and shift into your true inner and tranquillity! 

Overcome the overwhelm and emerge inspired and empowered! 

Embody confidence and calm, as you learn to shine your radiant light in alignment and balance. 

Bliss is your birthright, the time to transform is now!

Are you ready to Make Magic Moments?

Meditation Sessions

Mind Bliss Meditation.png

Monday 8pm-8.45pm (AEST)

End (or start if you are in another timezone) your day with sacred, spiritual, soul bliss and meditation sound healing. 

Experience tranquility through guided spoken word, energy alignment, card readings and intention setting.


Centre your mind, body and spirit the for a sensational experience of breath awareness and inner peace xx


TheCoaching Transformation Process

Discover what is holding you back.

Let go of limiting beliefs and self sabotage.

Transform your mindset and radiate your inner power.

Embody divine empowerment and flourish in authentic magnificence.

EMBRACE.            EMPOWER.              EMBODY.                      B.E.

Free Discovery Call - 20min

We connect, I learn about you and what's holding you back or getting in the way of your happiness.


I tickle your excitement with the incredible transformation possible. 


I walk with you, I am here to guide, but it is you who takes each step.

 All Sessions AreTailored To You 

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