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Today I appreciated putting the washing away.

Now I am not sure about you, but putting the clothes away has always been a bugbear of mine. See the dictionary term for bugbear which I thought was pretty cool:

  1. an imaginary goblin or spectre used to excite fear

  2. an object or source of dread

  3. a continuing source of irritation

I generally do the 2 loads of washing on a weekend, let it dry, bring it in and then leave the clean clothes in the basket for a few days (or a week) before I put it away. We all have our quirky habits right? And housework…. Bah! As a kid I distinctly remember visiting with my dad and stepmother in Tassie and doing EVERYTHING I could to avoid folding and putting away the clothes. It was endless washing in their house with the two of them, myself and my much younger sister. I would choose to wash the dishes for an hour (when it should have take 10 minutes) just to avoid folding and putting away clothes.


But today I chose to embrace those pesky clothes with a new passion. Using this life chore it as a tool and my own lesson for the month around the topic “Appreciation comes naturally” .

I have a very long Friday list to do as I write this post, there are a lot of the nitty gritty life admin things to do. Generally putting the washing away is a last resort after I have procrastinated doing everything else around the house.

Today I was excited to do it to use it as a tool for my appreciation.

Whilst folding and putting away the clothes, I set my intention (what you intend to do on the inside is what you create on the outside) and felt myself feeling overwhelming appreciation for putting the clothes away (FIRST TIME EVER!)

I changed the internal narrative and felt solidly into the mantra “Appreciation comes naturally” then I questioned myself, why does it come naturally? Why do I appreciate putting the clothes away? What did my innermost being and divine energy need in that moment? Why am I appreciating folding and putting away my husbands and my clothes?

The universal answers I received were loud and clear. I realised that for me in this moment I needed to speak to my inner child, comfort her and heal some of her fears. I needed to heal the past through my present appreciation.

I took a moment and went back along my timeline to that frightened and emotionally sad lady who thought “I will never be good enough for someone to choose to love me enough to marry me”. That younger self who, through many phases and ages, always felt that marriage was a distant concept she would never be lucky enough to have.

Here’s is a little snippet that I don't believe anyone knows. Whilst I may have dreamed about being a bride in my younger years I never ever thought about it or daydreamed about it from my teens to even the day before my wedding, there was no imagining the day. I truly did not think I was worthy of being married or for someone to love me enough. I look back on the scared girl and lonely lady who never found someone who was right and thought that she was not good enough to be loved.

The girl who was covered in acne in her teens, nerdy, not popular, feeling unlovable.

The wild woman in her 20’s living it large in other countries, seeking male attention in all the wrong places.

That woman who hit early 30’s and crashed hard in heartbreak.

It was in this moment, through this present time folding the clothes that I chose to give her some peace and healing, I found myself saying this:

“ Dear Me, You, I, Us, Amber,

You will find the strength to love yourself enough dear self I promise you will. It will be challenging and you will reach a cliff edge but you will find what you need inside first.

There will come that time when you love yourself enough and feel a release in knowing you are ready to receive love not just always give.

When you do, your life partner, soul mate and fellow human spiritual being will appear to walk with you along the way.

But you will love yourself enough first dear one, you will feel whole and healed inside and then it will be time. You will grow within first and then with him on a whole other level.

You will learn through this partnership compromise, patience and understanding. Appreciation will be a part of each day, along with frustration, releasing old fears and regrets. You will grow into a day to day life with another person and it will be full of moments, memories and wait for it….. endless housework.

You will feel enough, and be enough for marriage, a husband, a life where you feel you are healing. It will not have a white picket fence, it will not be sweet roses and always passionate, but it will be loving, special and happy, with loads of smiles and a many heartfelt tones.

You will come to appreciate the moments of monotony, the constant discussion about the bins and special times when you can put the clothes away for you and him with music, a podcast or a TV binge series in the background. With appreciation in your heart.

You will come to appreciate that the moments of life in a pair are steadfast, consuming and compassionate. You dear one will come to appreciate the small things, the downs that balance the ups, the day to day life with another.

Once you love yourself enough, you will learn to appreciate it all and believe it or not you will feel grace and peace in folding and putting away the washing. I promise you, the day will come!

You will appreciate completing those life chores with holistic harmony in each chapter of continual self love, growth and family.

You will appreciate those clothes, each fold, each touch. You will appreciate everything you have learnt, the ongoing growth and fully appreciate everything that





The next chapter is yours to write, the next moment is yours to heal. Appreciation comes naturally and you are a healer of your life.

Love always and forever,

Me, you, I, us, Amber xxxxx


It is quite special to see where appreciation can take you and what journey can unfold. Your path and mine will be different, and that is perfect.

Yes, I really stepped into my heartfelt appreciation today through folding the clothes, and I am ridiculously grateful I did. “ I appreciate the moment, I appreciate the moment, I appreciate the awareness, I appreciate the opportunity.”

If today is the day you are feeling into the mantra “Appreciation comes naturally” what path appreciation is it leading you on?

With love, healing and magical appreciation,

Amber - The Blissful Hippy xxx

This months topic in Feb 22 is "Appreciation Comes Naturally" if you wish to share the love in the Inner Circle your can join our Mind Bliss Meditations to explore the monthly topics with a beautiful tribe of likeminded souls.

Untitled_Artwork 37.png
Untitled_Artwork 37.png