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Activating Awareness

Updated: Feb 18

Do you go for walks?

I like to mix it up, I like to walk when I am craving spiritual teachings and indoor workouts when I am pumped for action.

Today whilst listening to one of my spiritual teachers I nearly stepped on a snail. I dodged it and kept walking. Then I saw another. It was in that moment that I took a breath and made a choice.

I decided in that moment to activate my awareness. I took a photo and suddenly I realised that they actually were all over the place. I had been walking for 5 minutes and had not realised (and not stepped on one thankfully). The snails were gracing themselves as mini obstacles on my path (thank you Universe) and I needed to be aware. They didn’t deserve to be stepped on by accident from a human who was in the zone and not aware.

Activating awareness of the snails and how close some of them were to the cracks in the pavement, turned my mind drifting to the memories of a childhood rhyme …. “Step on a crack break your back”. Which then led my mind to a fond memory I have of my mum and dear stepfather (who passed when I was 13) and a walk we all took. Thoughts are truly magical how they weave their way from one thing to another.

I smiled and brought my awareness back. To the ground, the steps I was taking and back to listening to Gabby (seriously she is the best - check out Gabby Bernstein).

How do you feel about being aware? Is it hard or easy?Do you like being aware of your thoughts, actions, tone, body?

Be aware now. What are you sitting on, what is the feeling in your feet? What can you hear, how loud are the sounds? What can you see, these words, or look up from this page, what is in front of you?

Be aware.

Activate being aware.

How many seconds do you think that took? Those 39 words that brought you into awareness? For a second what happened to your focus?

"Where focus goes, energy flows"

I choose this topic of Activating Awareness this month as I believe we are working through an important time in history where more than ever we have the choice to choose awareness. We can choose how we perceive and interpret situations. Where we can activate the awareness of if the actions that we take and the words that we speak. We can choose to be aware of the thoughts in our mind. We can activate the compassion for others and their maps of their worlds. We can choose to understand how toxic thoughts can be to self, if we allow them to be.

So my question is "How self aware are you?"

My activation of awareness kicked in on an occasion that I thought I would share - with my hubby.

I asked him something, I had to repeat it three times because he was not listening. On the third time I was ready to change the tone and fall straight into the subconscious pattern of frustrated, angry and annoyed that he was not listening. I took a breath and made a choice.

I asked again, was aware of my tone, the lightness in my voice and the words. It actually felt better to ask like that, as I didn’t stew after, like I usually do. I was aware that if I changed my approach I would get a different outcome for me.

Activating Awareness can bring mindfulness to the forefront of your actions, if you choose.

Activating Awareness can allow you to be come the watcher of your thoughts, without judgement.

Activating Awareness can allow you to hear things you may have missed, or chose not to hear.

Activating Awareness can bring your feelings into being a label of that moment, and a new label that may just follow.

Activating Awareness can be a precious way for you to connect to now, the only time we have.

I personally have made the choice to activate my awareness as one of my anchors:

- when I "need a moment"

- when I could tap into an energy that feels bad if I didn't

- when I want to witness the beauty of the mind, body and spirit

- when now is more important than the past or future

I have created a series of morning activations of spoken word and uplifting music, as activating awareness and cultivating gratitude, excitement and blissful energy in those precious moments before you get out of bed can assist in the intention you have set and the attention you have given yourself for the day ahead.

If any of this ruminates with you, I am hopeful dear one that you may just Activate your Awareness and watch the magic unfold.

In addition:

I would like to share these words straight from one of my greatest spiritual teachers, my man Deepak Chopra. These are for you to ponder over, as you allow in to your consciousness the topic of awareness, with an open mind and heart.

Ever Present Witnessing Awareness

Now listen to what I say, simply without judging or without intellectualising

Spirit is ever present witnessing awareness

Sights and sounds float by in my environment

Thoughts float by in my mind

Feelings and sensations float by in my body

Only the ever present awareness in which these come and go remain

This ever present witnessing awareness is me

Simply be aware of what is already happening

And rest in the awareness of what is

Allow all things to come and go

Not attached, not pushing not rejecting, just allowing

Past and future are experienced in every present witnessing awareness

When the past occurred it occurred in the ever present now

When the future occurs it will occur in the ever present now

There is only the ever present now

Timeless and eternal

There is only this ever present, present

There is only right now

Past and future are in the imagination

Events float by, time floats by

I am alway now, timeless and eternal

I cannot enter now the times and eternal, because it is always present

I cannot start witnessing, I can only noticing that this witnessing is always happening

It is always there and it is always now

This awareness never began in time because it is ever present

I am the ever present witness in which the cosmos arises, now

All suffering stems from separation

The self image the individual body mind trapped in space and time

You cant go looking for the looker

The seer is the one who sees

And you cant go searching for the one who is searching

Although I experience different states of awareness

I am not those different states of awareness

I am the ever present witness of those states of awareness

I am the seer of those different states of awareness

Just acknowledge the ever present witness

This witness is spirit

Spirit is not difficult to find, in fact it is impossible to avoid

It is the every present eternal witnessing that is already happening

Even into the endless future ever present awareness will simple be present

There is no place where spirit is not

Spirit is available to us now fully, totally, completely

Be choiceness aware now this moment

Don’t try to run away from the now because you cannot

Now is ever present

Stay in this choiceness awareness now

Deepak Chopra - SyncroDestiny


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Untitled_Artwork 37.png
Untitled_Artwork 37.png