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Dancing in the Rain

Updated: Mar 5

The rain.

Today I grounded myself in the rain.

I heard the rain start and my immediate reaction was - “Quick the washing is out!” So I raced out half dressed and brought it in. I could feel the droplets on my skin being cold, and I was scrunched up and hunched. I found my immediate subconscious behaviour was to feel uncomfortable.

So I took a breath and made a choice. As you may know, I have proclaimed this year " The Year Of Magic" and this months topic is "Majestic Mindfulness", so I decided to turn this into an opportunity (one of my 2022 visions, opportunity in the obstacle… more about that at a later date)

I brought the clothes in, went to my garden sanctuary, stepped onto the grass and embraced the rain.

I looked a little like this…….

But in my pjs, and in my backyard, but you get the drift....

I love the rain, it nourishes my garden. It does so much more than that of course but that is generally what I think when I hear it is going to rain. Like I said, it nourishes my garden and I love the sound.

So I danced a little, in my garden, in the rain. It was a magic moment.

Then I heard the thunder.

I have been reading a book on Chakra’s and this related to a point that I had read. I was delving more into sound healing and the connection to the chakras and I have been having a niggling issue with my throat chakra lately, and " Thank You Universe" the nature sound linked is, you guess it - thunder.

I sat still and silently in the rain and thunder. This experience became my mediation for the morning. Another magic moment. I set my intention to clear my throat chakra. I listened, I sat, I watched the rain, I cleared, I watched my cat watch the rain. I listened. I embraced. It was majestic.

It got me thinking about choice. Choice to be in the moment, choice to choose to see something differently. Mindfully.

And have you ever noticed how loud the birds are after the rain?

So in this moment, as you are choosing to read this thought journey of mine, I ask you this:

- How do you feel about rain?

- When was the last time you thought about rain?

- How do you experience rain?

- If you have children, what do your kids feel about rain?

- What were you taught about rain?

- What can we learn from rain?

- How can we embrace rain?


Why is this quote so meaningful:

“Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass it is about dancing in the rain”

We all have storms, literal and metaphorical. There are storms in our relationships, storms in our emotions, storms in our life.

Storms that destroy, storms that renew. Storms that pass. They always do.

And there is always rain.

So lets flip to gratitude -


Can you find 5 reasons you are grateful for rain? Mine are:

  • It waters my garden

  • It brings me water to drink

  • The sound makes me feel happy

  • It fills my pool

  • The leaves on trees appear brighter after the rain

What are yours?

I wonder if in this month if and when the rain does come wherever you are in the world, that you stop, take a breath and make a choice to listen.

Embrace, breath in and out, observe, B.E. mindful of the rain.

Perhaps the rain is majestic!?

We will all do this differently and that is the best part. But I wonder if you decide to do this, be mindful, if your energy may shift, move, change?

This next moment is all yours dear one.

Make the moment magic!

With love and sparkle,

Amber - The Blissful Hippy xxx

This months topic is Majestic Mindfulness, if you wish to share the love in the Inner Circle you can join our Mind Bliss Meditations to explore the topic more.

You can catch my Mellow Musings on The Rain on Insight Timer HERE. Enjoy sweet soul xx

Untitled_Artwork 37.png
Untitled_Artwork 37.png