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21 Days of Glitter

I turned 40 recently, and being that my in person “Hippy Sparkle” party was cancelled, I of course, still dressed up for my lockdown Zoom celebration. And I put on glitter, a lot of glitter. I loved it, what fun! Case in point below.

It got me thinking (as literally every thing does these days)......So I did what I like to call a three point check in.


Why do I not wear glitter more often? I mean:


  2. I love to sparkle

  3. Wearing glitter makes me feel great

  4. I love wearing glitter

  5. Wearing it will allow me sparkle no matter what

So why would I not?



I checked in with my core values. Did it align with those that I live by?

Authenticity - I have been known to be the sparkly unicorn in my family and friend circles, “That’s Very Amber” is the saying I believe.

Choice - I will choose to put it on each day,I will choose to follow through or not.

Growth - The Universe always provides me lessons and it told me silently this would be a good one.

Connection - Hmmm, this one took me a bit longer, but I realised it would commit me to connect with a side of myself that had been hiding a little (the self that had moments of unworthiness and not feeling the inner beauty as often)



How was I going to do it?

21 days of glitter of course! So I put it in my TimeLine.

How would I know when I succeeded?

I would feel happy, successful and more inner beauty in the mornings when putting it on, and in the evenings when taking it off. I would see the the power and beauty of intention in the mirror. I would hear words to solidify from people or The Universe,

How was I going to be accountable?

Photos each day and this blog


That night I birthed my mission - 21 Days of Glitter ! (I mean let's face it, I have enough glitter in my makeup drawer to last 5 years at least).

From Day 1, I put my attention on the intention of being into sparkle. Each day a different colour, and as I use the colours I wear to match my vibration, it was truly a transforming experience.

On Day 6 and I went to take a selfie (and it was Grand Final Day too!)....alas. On my earlier call with my coach (because all coaches also need coaches) I had wiped off some glitter and the picture was therefore “not perfect”. So I fixed the glitter and took a few more (you know you have to take 5 to find one that is almost decent haha). But I realised that this was part of what I needed to do in my life, a lesson. So I went with the first.

Let things be imperfect, just like I am. I love and accept myself and feel at peace where I am in this moment.

Day 12 in my sacred women's energy group, we were talking about intentions first thing in the morning, and the power they can have. I shared this fun little journey with them and smiles broke out and we all connected in that beautiful way, connecting to inner child, playfulness and intention.

Day 20 - I was heading through the maccas drive though (don't judge me, it was just a coffee) to a medical appointment, glittered up and in full pink bliss. The lovely lady who took my money commented on how great I looked, as did the lady at the covid testing drive through later that morning saying my "Aura was lit up" - (even with a mask.. )

I learnt a lot. I took a lot of selfies. I washed my face extra carefully, and I really did feel the sparkle.

These 21 days did truly transform me, because I let them. There was a LOT that happened in these days. Was it all due to the glitter? That is for me to decide and you to ponder.


Were there bad days?

Yup Day 20 I was in tears (bad news can do that...) but I was still had my sparkle.

Did it effect my mood?

Yes. In the morning when I set my intention, when I felt it on my face during the day, when I caught myself in the mirror, when I went to bed. YES I felt the sparkle, the achievement, however small.

Were there days I considered not putting it on cause I woke up in not such a great place?

No, why let myself down when I knew I could intentionally shift that bad energy?

Did my husband notice?

Yup on the day I wore it on my cheekbones and not my eyes - ha! Mind you I wore a blue wig on our third date and he didn’t bat an eyelid - he loves me for me in all my sparkle.

Did I hear, see and feel the things that I knew would measure success for me?

Yes, yes and YES.

Would I do it again?

I would. I know now, I don't need the physical glitter on every day, but I know I will continue the intention of sparkling every day. And I will certainly be the glitter fairy on weekends and those days I choose that I want to be extra sparkly.

Here is to 21 Days of Glitter, and Igniting Inner Sparkle!!

(All photos in order below)

Untitled_Artwork 37.png
Untitled_Artwork 37.png