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Wander Within

Updated: Feb 18

Do you really want to know what is going on in your subconscious? Do you want to uncover the innermost feelings and reasons that we do what we do?


Allow yourselves to read these words, then ready them back, and hear my voice saying “This month we Wander Within”.

What comes up, what does it feel like? What is your immediate thought and then secondary thought? Are you curious, nonchalant, interested? Whatever comes up is right, there is no right or wrong, there just is.

We delved into this topic in The Soul Tribe as I was divinely guided to. Having been on the self-development journey for the better part of well...forever, but most prominently the past 15 years, I wanted to see if I could create a sacred space for myself and The Soul Tribe to delve into this topic. Wander Within to their place, their own Within, individually.

I continue to Wander Within every day, sometimes I run Within to my sanctuary of inner peace. It is a process, a journey that is never ending. One that has truly helped me define my purpose. As we say in NLP, “What is the purpose? For what purpose?”


So “For what purpose” would you choose to Wander Within? What are you craving in this material world that you know is buried or shining behind a cloud Within? And why “Wander”? Well, Wandering allows you to do it at your own pace, allows you to take the time to get there when you want. When you Wander, you choose the timing and whilst undertaking this journey, we solidified our understanding that Within can be a place that you Wander to whenever you like.

Once you learn the way in, you will learn you can go there over and over again.

I Wander Within daily, constantly through my Letters With The Universe (when I want to share), with my journals (when I want to let thoughts out in no coherent order) through my mediations (when I am ready to commit to inner peace and stillness) and by my activation of awareness (when I want to take a breath and make a choice how to approach the next moment, next conversation, next connection).

It can be scary and powerful when you find yourself going within, when you take the time to Wander, just Wander slowly to that place within that you can find the contentless, the calm.

Within, where the inner chattering is not so powerful, where the stillness shines, where the love that you have for yourself magnifies. Where you allow and really see yourself. Where you give yourself those words of wisdom and unconditional love you were craving.

Do you know where your sacred space is? The energy it creates and the power you can tap into? The space that opens the doors to self, love, joy? Did you know you can you travel there? Perhaps by magic carpet.....


Do you want to get on that magic carpet and Wander Within?


Our monthly topic is a part of the Inner Circle - we have live Mind Bliss Meditation Sessions on Monday at 8pm (AEST) as well as worksheets and ongoing support.

In 2022 we will commence monthly workshops and Hippy Happiness Hour where we share stories, spiritual teaching and blissful sacred energies.


Share your own Letter With The Universe - The Universe always listens and responds.

Reach out if this resonates and you would like to explore more.

Untitled_Artwork 37.png
Untitled_Artwork 37.png