Blissful Energy Amber The Blissful Hippy

Services & Packages

Mind Bliss Mondays

Every week we have an evening of sound healing and guided meditation. An experience for you to calm the chatter in the mind and allow yourself to embrace your inner peace with likeminded souls in a sacred space. 45min-1hour

8 Week Results Breakthrough

Soul Sessions, Coaching, Hypnosis, Crystal Clarity Check-ins. If you want the transforming result and you are ready to make the change, the time is now.  

5 Session Inner Transformation 

Coaching and Crystal Clarity Check-ins. Shift the energy blocks and commit to self.

BE Blissful Retreat

A day retreat for spirit seekers. The day includes sound healing, meditation sessions, sacred circle, energy alignment and inner transformation. Coffee, tea, lunch and snacks included.

Hippy Happiness Hour

An hour bi-monthly evening of HAPP-I-NESS with mantras, meditation, mind musings, music, and magic!

Letters With The Universe

Letters with The Universe is a sacred space for you to write a letter. to The Universe who always listens and always responds. Write. Release. Learn. Affirm. The souls journey through vulnerability to courage.

Online Programs

A range of programs free to all Blissful Soul Tribe members or available for individual investment.

 Group Programs & Coaching

We run short courses for a small group they include: 5 weeks over the Rainbow | Ignite Your Sparkle | Love The Bliss.

Personalised Mediations or Hypnosis Tracks

I will create an authentic, individual and heart focused reccording for you, about what you wish with your words

Magic Mail Postcards

Do you love receiving a postcard? How do you feel about sharing this love with someone who may adore this. And each month you get to plant a seed, its time to brighten someones day!

One to One Soul Sessions

You and me. Here and now. Moment and energy. Heart and soul.

Dancing in Park

EMBRACE.            EMPOWER.              EMBODY.                      B.E.

Free Discovery Call - 20min

We connect, I learn about you and what's holding you back or getting in the way of your happiness.


I tickle your excitement with the incredible transformation possible. 


I walk with you, I am here to guide, but it is you who takes each step.