Mind Bliss Energy

Currently FREE - Saturday 9-9.30am

Online via Zoom

Start your day with sacred, spiritual, soul bliss. Experience tranquility through guided spoken word, energy alignment, card readings and intention setting.


Centre your mind, body and spirit in the morning for a sensational day ahead xx

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Hippy Happiness Hour

Currently FREE - Last Tuesday of every month 6.30pm - 7.30pm

Online via Zoom


Join us for an hour of blissful hippy happiness.

We connect into sacred Meditation, Mantras, Music and we ignite the Magic! Let you mind soak up the divine rest and reset it needs. We cant wait for your wonderful energy in this beautiful community xxx

Mind Bliss Minutes

Currently FREE - Wednesday 5.30-6.00pm

Online via Zoom

Do you need an accountability buddy to achieve all the things you have happening? Join us for a quick check in, a mindset refresh, celebrate the wins and understand the opportunity obstacles on your authentic path. "The magic is in the control room". The time is only now. xxx

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Coming Soon!
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"Where focus goes, energy flows" 

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