Sacred Sound Bliss and Vibrational Healing

Sound. Do you believe you can heal yourself with sound? 

Vibrations. Do you know that everything has a vibration?


Join Us

Sound healing has transformed my world, are you interested in experiencing it yourself?

Everyone will feel something different, everyone is unique. 

I invite you to join us in these incredible experiences with sound.


Gongs, crystal sound bowls, solfeggio tuning pipes, koshi chimes, Tibetan bowls and you. Your sound, your breath and voice. All self healing, all unique.


Through sacred sound bliss we immerse ourselves into the energies and vibrations that:

  • connect us to nature and the universal life force

  • connect us to feelings we never knew existed in our bodies

  • connect us to those corners of our soul that are ready to transform, twinkle and awaken

  • connect us to B.E us, authentic and magnificent

  • connect us to here, now, light and love

Untitled_Artwork 37.png
Untitled_Artwork 37.png

When I discovered Ambers talents in sound healing I was blown away! Such incredible moments have been created every time I attend a sound healing with Amber, she has  the ability to intuitively play amazing sound healing instruments that seem to unlock all the right doors, some doors that I didn't know needed unlocking. With Ambers gentle and nurturing voice to guide you into the sounds, it's like being placed in a healing river and flowing down the stream unblocking and releasing all that has built up in the energy centers of the body. Often times I feel that I have traveled through space and time experiencing sensations that language simply cannot describe, the healing magic of sound facilitated by such an incredible guide is truly perception changing and opens up a whole new world of connection to spirit and self, one of the most beautiful energetic experiences I've ever had!


- Bec, Melbourne


Listen. Feel. Immerse. B.E 

Explore some sacred sound immersion on Insight Timer.

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