Blissful Mandala Cards and Pendulum

Have you heard of The Mandala Effect? In a nutshell, it is remembering something that does not match with historical records. So let's look at the mind? You perception and memory of something is often different to others. So what if you were to find a way to control your mind, measure your joy, passion, happiness, peace before and after. What is the interpretation, what is real and how can you create a more beautiful interpretation and then solidify the experience of where you are at.


Using a powerful pendulums just for you with the Blissful Mandala cards, you can be in touch with your unconscious mind and change your state. It's powerful and magnificent.

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Inner Bliss Circle

Being an official member of Blissful means that you can have access to even more resources, fortnightly 15min check ins, a tailed hypnosis, and access to a range of meditations, course content and worksheets exclusively available to you. Only $49 per month  available from December 2020.

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